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Civil Partnership Revised (2021)

A civil partnership is a legal relationship entered by a couple, which is then registered and provides them with similar legal rights as married couples.

Civil partnerships were introduced in 2005 to legally recognise a same sex union. In Scotland from 30 June 2021 opposite sex couples can also enter into a civil partnership. 


What are the differences:

  • Marriage is formed by ceremony and vows, whereas a civil partnership is formed by signing a civil partnership schedule. Although a ceremony is not required some couples wish to have one.

  • Marriage is ended by divorce, whereas civil partnership is ended by dissolution.

  • All couples now have a choice of how they wish to seal their relationship.

If you are already in a civil partnership and wish to take the administration route to marriage, please contact us and a suitable appointment will be made for you.

Before the appointment you will be asked to read the information on changing a civil partnership to marriage and bring a completed application form with you along with

  • your civil partnership certificate

  • form of photo identification for both parties - normally passports.

If you would like to discuss anything connected to civil partnerships or conversion to marriage, please contact us.

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